My Simple Clean URL using PHP

We have a local web in our network, the URL just look like this
Take a look at the above URL, the page.home is the index page of the site and I was add the .home extension in httpd.conf (Apache Config file) to be handled as php. However if you don't have access to httpd.conf you can use a page with .php extension just in case if you are using free hosting or any cases that denied you to accessing the apache config file.

Note that the page.home is just an example here, you can give the file and extension with whatever name you like.

Next open your favorite php editor then write this code.

Save it as page.home or you can write it in different file and include the file in page.home (if you are using page.home as an index file).

How to use the function?

url example:
$newpage = urlget(number);
Number is position number of item in url after (include page.home) separate by "/".

Example, urlget(2); will return item1, and urlget(3); will return item2 and so on.

See.. just a simple code and you got a nicely clean url with a little apache config modification.

Links :
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