Part 2 - Mikrotik Hotspot & Freeradius -- Create your own user manager

Now entering part 2 - creating your own user manager, but first ensure that you already read the part 1.

Field: UserName, GroupName, priority

Another image to see.

UserName fill it with user login name
GroupName fill it with group name of user you want to.
Priority fill it with priority number


: id, GroupName, Attribute, op, Value
Almost the same with radcheck except this thread is per group.

See another image here

Field information see the radcheck and use example from picture for Attribute field.

In the attribute field:
Idle-Timeout - maximum idle time of connected user.
Ascend-Data-Rate - maximum upload rate of connected user.
Ascend-Xmit-Rate - maximum download rate of connected user.

For complete reference with Attribute information, read here.

Part 1 & 2 Summary.
For making simple Freeradius user management related to Mikrotik Hotspot we just need the a few tables in the Freeradius database that is radcheck, radgroupreply and usergroup. From now on we can use a MySQL administration software for managing user like phpMyAdmin or else that can doing insert and querying data form Freeradius database. But remember all this way are based on my experience that is mean it is not based from an official guide for making a Mikrotik User manager. But the important thing is -- it's work.

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