Realtek HD Problem - No Sound From Headphone Jack

This year i purchased an Acer notebook Aspire 5572. There is no problem in the first 2 month until day that i reinstall the system using Windows XP. A problem occur if a headphone or an active speaker plugged into Headphone/SPDIF jack -- no sound from the device but work fine with internal speaker.

I was read many forum and search many time with Google and found many user with the same problem, but there is no simple solution to fixed this problem. But gladly last month i was accidentally found the easy solution by disabling then wait it for at least 30 second and then re-enable it.
This is not for fixing the Realtek HD problem, but it's just to make the device work with headphone or an active speaker. It's mean we have to do this thing every time we start the Computer/Notebook.

If still doesn't work after this tread then try increase disabling time with more than 2 minutes.

Note: You need to close all applications that is using sound device (i.e. winamp, windows media player, games and etc) before disable and enable Realtek HD to avoid restarting the computer.