Tips: Speed up OpenOffice startup up to ten time

Are you an OpenOffice application user? Almost all major Linux distribution include this application distro in all new release. OpenOffice are known with the most complete features office application and the most important thing is that OpenOffice is a freeware.

But there are some other user complaining because of low responsive form OpenOffice application, low of speed process and the start up time problem.

These are a secret tips to increasing the perform of OpenOffice application and increase the process speed up to ten times (Note this just a simple calculation, example if it take 10 second to start then after this tweak it can start in just 1 second). This tweak require of minimum 196 Mb of memory.

Run one of the OpenOffice aplication (i.e. Write) and then click on tool > option > memory , next edit the listed option (Look at the picture for an example). Make sure you check the “Enable systray Quickstarter” option for optimum result. This option will show an OpenOffice icon in taskbar.

Next click OK and restart your OpenOffice application.

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