Easy Web Base Streaming Server With Agatha

Agatha is a Web-based MP3 playing system that allows the home user or office group to stream music, create, manage, and share play lists, and control the playing of music on a remote system. It does not require a database and has full play-on-server support.

Agata was tested with Apache 1.3.x and php 4.x under Linux. Note that Agatha was designed to be used on a private network and doesn't intend to share over Internet because of security issue so be careful.

Download Agatha at http://agatha.sourceforge.net/ and extract it.

To install it Just move/rename this directory to whatever you like under your Apache document root (htdocs) directory and point your browser to it. All files should be readable by Apache, and the 'playlists' and 'sharedplaylists' directories should be writable by the Apache user.

Copy config.php.dist to config.php and edit your path and language file names. For security purposes. Please note that neither playlists nor mp3s need to be visible by your web server.

For more information don't forget to read he README file.