Mikrotik Hotspot - How to Change Mikrotik Logo at Hotspot Login to Your Own Logo.

If you connect your Laptop to your Mikrotik Hotspot you will see a default login page with Mikrotik logo at bottom login form. But, take a look at below image.

The mikrotik logo was change to another logo. Interesting?, Below are easy steps for change logo at Mikrotik Hotspot login page to your own logo.

First make sure you has enabled FTP on your Mikrotik box. Connect to your Mikrotik box using Winbox and goto IP -> SERVICES and check if FTP is enable. Next create a PNG logo with 150 x 40 px dimension and white background.

Now connect to your Mikrotik Box with FTP and navigate to Mikrotik Hotspot folder, find login.html and copy it to your computer. Next goto img folder on Mikrotik FTP and upload your logo there.

Now if you have a copy of login.html open this file with Wordpad or any other text editor you like. Find /img/logobottom.png and change logobottom.png with the name of you logo image then save it.

Next change login.html on Mikrotik Hotspot folder to login-backup.html. Now upload login.html you edited before to this folder, and now try login to your Mikrotik Hotspot. You should see the logo is changed now with your own logo.

You can customize other view option in the login.html alogin.html page if you know HTML programing.

Hope this article useful for you, happy trying.