Monitoring bandwidth per IP with bandwidthd

Bandwidthd tracks usage of TCP/IP network subnets and builds HTML files with graphs to display network utilization. Charts are built by individual IP to show their utilization over 2, 8, 45, and 400 day periods.

It color codes HTTP, HTTPS, TCP,UDP, ICMP, VPN, and P2P traffic. Unlike MRTG, it tracks each individual IP address and subnets, not the status of any particular link. Static mode is fast and easy to set up and has few dependencies.

Database mode supports filtering by subnet, multiple sensors, custom reports and intervals, and can process thousands of IPs efficiently. Network utilization can be logged in CDF or a backend database (Freshmeat).

BandwidthD runs on most platforms including windows. Required libraries for unix are only: libpcap, libgl and libpng.

Bandwidthd produces output in 2 ways, the first is as a standalone application that produces static html and png output every 200 seconds. The second is as a sensor that transmits it's data to a backend database which is then reported on by dynamic php pages.

The visual output of both is simular, but the database driven system allows for searching, filtering, multiple sensors and custom reports.

See live demo here.

BandwidthD is funded and provided under the GPL by wireless networking and Linux consulting services, for use in line of linux routing, anti-virus, contentfiltering and reporting systems.

More information and download read here and read also for install and configure bandwidthd.

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