QuickFix Help recover computer health after system damaged by viruses

QuickFix is an open source utility aimed to provide a quick fixes to the Operating system after virus or spywares damaging system, it has a Startup Manager, Most Common Viruses Remover, a Quick fix for Regedit , Task Manager, Run, Folder Options, and a quick spyware scanner.

A simple tool that can manage windows start up application, viewing running process, close unwanted application and Fix some virus and spyware.

If you having problem with some virus that disabling regedit, msconfig, folder option and some other windows tools, this tool can fix it with one click fix disable and enable feature. This tool have feature to help us cleanup Recycle Bin and Internet Cache from our Hardisk in just one click.

We don't need to install this tools on our computer, and it's have a small size, it's mean we can run it from your Removable drive like Floppy and USB Flash Drive.

Download it here happy trying and good luck.