Video Card does not support TnL to play games, no problem use 3D-Analyze

If your computer or Laptop VGA doesn't support TnL and you want to play Final Fantasy, LOK Defiance or other games that require TnL to run then you need 3D-Analyze. You can either use this tool to run games with PS2 Emulator.

3D-Analyze is a tool for transform and lightning (TnL) hardware emulation. So it is very useful for running TnL games on video cards that have not on board dedicated circuits for TnL calculations (like all Voodoo, Kyro, some Radeon and older). It uses power of central processing unit to do emulation.

It's a powerful application that allows to play many DirectX based games using video hardware officially unsupported and theoretically unable to run these games.

You can download this software and read turorial for configuring this tool here.