WiFiAdmin Web Interface Wi-Fi Administration

WiFiAdmin is a free php graphical interface to mainly hostap, and wireless tools in general, although most of this code has been debugged only under a hostap environment. Please submit errors found when running with other linux wireless drivers, that support wireless extensions. We are trying so that wifiadmin is as self-configuring and distribution-independent as possible.

A fairly recent version of RRD-tool must be installed on the system. An http server with PHP support must also be running. You will also need the command line interface(CLI) for php. If 'which php' returns some path, CLI is present in your system.

WiFiAdmin has a community section, that holds information about conected clients usind a mysql database. You can disable mysql usage, by the $use_mysql variable in the include/config.php file, which will disable the community section. Note that if you use mysql, usernames, passwords and user privileges will be saved in the database.

Wifiadmin can send emails, in order to sonfirm new accounts or remind user passwords You can disable this functionality using $send_emails variable in config.php.

Read for more information here.