Animated Favicon for blogger

I had write this post before, it's about changing default blogger Favicon with static icon designed with gimp. With the same way we can change this static Favicon to animated.

The code is the same with static Favicon except the ICO files is replaced with animated GIF files. You can design it your self and upload to your file server and put the GIF links to Favicon code.

<link href='' rel='SHORTCUT ICON'/>

Search Trough Google for animated GIF.
If you can't design it your self, you can find many free Animation GIF all over internet. Browse to Google and type "animated gif icons" and you will find many list of them.

Find for interesting and related to your blog content, and find small size as possible (Icon size) for faster page loading.

Here some example site.

Right click on interesting image and click properties, and it will shou you the source URL.

Save it to your image hosting server (You can use it directly from their site, but not all site allowed it) and put the URL to your Favicon code and place it inside <HEAD> tag.

Save your edit and view your blog using Internet Browser (Firefox or Netscape Navigator - recommended).