Best Free 3D Astronomy simulation software

Everyone like to watch the sky? ever wondering travel to Mars or Jupiter? Do not go any where because you can do it only by sitting on in front of your Computer. This are a free 3D space Simulation software, install it on your Computer and let's take a walk to Pluto.


Stellarium is a software project that allows people to use their home computer as a virtual planetarium. It will calculate the positions of the Sun and Moon, planets and stars, and draw how the sky would look to an observer depending on their location and the time. It can also draw the constellations and simulate astronomical phenomena such as meteor showers, and solar or lunar eclipses.

Stellarium may be used as an educational tool for teaching about the night sky, as an observational aide for amateur astronomers wishing to plan a night’s observing, or simply as a curiosity (it’s fun!). Because of the high quality of the graphics that Stellarium produces, it is used in some real planetarium projector products. Some amateur astronomy groups use it to create sky maps for describing regions of the sky in articles for newsletters and magazines.


Celestia is a free real-time space simulation that lets you visually experience our universe in three dimensions. Celestia gives you the opportunity to capture and save an image on your screen as an individual graphic file (such as the figures seen in this User’s Guide).

You can also save a series of images as a movie file and play it back later in your computer or even embed it in a slide presentation. Thirdly, if you like a particular location and would like to return to that exact spot and time quickly, Celestia can save your location internally within the program as a “bookmark” or as an external “hyperlink” which can be pasted into another software program.


It's a fun, fast and free OpenGL space simulator. It currently focusses on the Solar System and lets you visit all of its planets, most major moons and a vast collection of smaller bodies in colorful, glorious and realtime 3D. If you've ever had a chance to visit Mercury or asteroid Geographos, here you'll find them looking exactly the same way, following exactly the same path as when you've left them.