Configuring Ices for mp3 streaming

First ensure that icecast is installed, if not then try install it using yum as it will install the latest version of icecast server, other option is download and install icecast and it rpm dependencies files. It's the easy way to get icecast running, read here for more info.

Download ices-0 here

Download ices with Prozilla

Remember, do not download ices-2 but download ices-0 if want to create mp3 streaming server, because ices-2 only support OGG format.

Create a folder named with ices and copy downloaded ices on that folder. Next is extract the downloaded ices files and go to it extracted directory and type:
./configure --prefix=/var/ices-new ;make ;make install.

Next goto /var/ices-new directory. Before editing config files, we need to create a mp3 playlist file.
Change to bin directory and create a new files using text editor like nano or vi and write below script.
/usr/bin/find $MP3 -name "*.mp3" > playlist.pls
/usr/bin/find $MP3 -name "*.MP3" >> playlist.pls

Save this script as mp3list and chamod this file so it can be execute.
[root@host bin]#chmod u+x mp3list
[root@host bin]#./mp3list

Second line are to create a playlist file.

Now let's edit a config file. Goto /var/ices-new/etc folder and edit the ices.conf.dist and replace all config text with below.
<?xml version="1.0"?>



<Name>My Radio FM</Name>
<Genre>Pop Rock</Genre>
<Description>Pop Rock</Description>


Edit those bold text to match your's, and save it as ices.conf. It's time to try.

Go to /var/ices-new/bin and run ices using bellow command. But first icecast must be running otherwise ices will not run.
./ices -c /var/ices-new/etc/ices.conf
It's running now, open a web browser and point it to http://serverhost:8000/

Click on "Click to listen" and.. ahha.. i hear a music,

Now to get this ices run automatic on boot then add bellow code to /etc/rc.local
/var/ices-new/bin/ices -c /var/ices-new/etc/ices.conf
That's all hope this helpful and happy trying.