Install and configuring icecast audio streaming server

The easy ways to install icecast server is using Yum. Using Yum will install all dependencies files, so we don't have to download it manually. But in case if yum is not working then another option is with RPM files (RedHat family), but dependencies files have to be download manually.

[root@host ~]#yum -y install icecast

[root@host ~]#yum -y install libshout

Next edit file /etc/icecast.xml and search words hackme and hackmemore and change it to your icecast password.

If done, then save it. Next type ntsysv on console to open Linux Servives editor.

And check for icecast for auto start on boot. Now type bellow command to start icecast.

[root@host ~]#service icecast start
Now icecast should be started.

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