IRC @ Work - Web base irc client for restricted irc port

Our office network is restricted to IRC access while our clients are love to chat and messaging. For a teenager IRC is the most Favorite one. Almost 30% of our network activity is through IRC port and about 55% for web activity while messenger and other application use the rest portion.

As a mIRC replacement we are now using web as a irc client. Although there are many web irc client around the net, we've found IRC@Work as Favorite IRC client alternative.

IRC@Work is a demo website of CGI:IRC implementation. People who restricted access to irc can use this web site to be use as irc client.

CGI:IRC is a Perl/CGI program that lets you access IRC from a web browser, it is designed to be flexible and has many uses such as an IRC gateway for an IRC network, a chat-room for a website or to access IRC when stuck behind a restrictive firewall.

CGI:IRC has an interface similar to many GUI IRC clients, with a tab for each channel, userlist and options tab (when used in modern, version 5+ browsers).

For you who want to have their own CGI:IRC on their web read here for information and download.

Update: Due to some reason, irc@work is no more working, but recently I've found alternative to irc web client in Thanks to the web Admin for allowing public access to the CGI:IRC application, now we can get to irc anymore.