Tuning up Firefox to reduce memory usage

As we all know Firefox is the most popular and secure browser. Based on Google Analytics reports, 51,52% visitor viewing this blog using Mozilla Firefox.

But did you know that Firefox consume lot of memory resource while we are Surfing around?. In some case Firefox can even cause computer crashed when there is to many pages loaded.

Open your Firefox, type about:config and start our tweak.

Limiting Cache Memory
Every time web pages opened Firefox automatically store cache into memory. By default Firefox used large maximum amount of RAM Memory. That is why computer loose their memory if many pages opened.

To limit Firefox cache memory right click on config page, chose New -> Integer and type "browser.cache.memory.capacity", fill it with 2048 (2 Mb Memory limit).

Limiting Cache History
This cache history function is for speed up page load when we are click on Back or Forward button on Firefox. If you didn't used it often then better minimize this feature for saving more memory. In config page search for "browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers", double click and change the value to 3 (Default is -1, it's mean use maximum of memory).

Limit disk cache
By default Firefox set this disk cache limit to 50 Mb, by lowered this limit can give more positive perform especially for pc with 128 Mb memory or bellow and for old type of hardisk.

Search for "browser.cache.disk.capacity" and change the value to 2000 (2 Mb).

Disable download history
Goto Tools -> Options -> Privacy and unchecked "Remember what I’ve downloaded". This feature will slowdown our PC Perform when you have many download history on your Firefox.

Only Load when needed
By default Firefox will do pre-download on every links that we might be click. This feature will take lot of bandwidth and CPU usage. To disable this feature search for "network.prefetch-next", double click on it to change the value to false (Default is true).

Download and show immediately
Usually Firefox will take delay before show loaded page after it's downloaded. To force Firefox show the page immediately search for "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" on config page and set the value to 0 (zero), if this preference name doesn't exist create new integer for this preference name.

For windows user
You can free more memory when Firefox is minimize. Right click on config page chose new -> boolean then type "config.trim_on_minimize" and set value to true. With this feature enabled, Firefox will release memory every time Firefox minimized, so the memory can be use for another application.

Happy trying and feel the different, good luck.