Windows - Tweak your desktop - Transparent desktop icons and Remove shortcut Arrow

I hate shortcut arrow and and background in my desktop icons. By default desktop icons are transparent, but somehow this icon have a background on it, and i didn't like it. Do you hate it either? Ok, for you who hate this features below are steps for remove it from your desktop icons.

Make it transparent.

Goto desktop and right click on "My Computer" and click Properties. On System Properties tabs select Advanced. On Performance area click settings and then chose "Visual Effects".

Scroll down to "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the Desktop". Check on this option if not checked.

Click "Apply"and your desktop icons should be transparent now. But if not, right click on your desktop and navigate to "Arrange Icons By" and make sure "Lock Web items" is unchecked. Your desktop icons should be transparent now.

Remove Shortcut Arrow.

Now we're gonna do a little registry tweak for removing Shortcut Arrow from desktop icons. Open regedit (Start -> Run and type regedit), expand the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" and scroll down to "lnkfiles". Right click on "IsShortcut" string and click delete.

Now close any open application/program and restart your computer. In the next start you should see no more Arrow and Background in your desktop icons.

Happy trying and good luck.