Free Domain Service Setup for Free Hosting

Want to get your web address like for free?, sorry you can't have it today for free, but you can get domain like or and many more domain like that for free. It's not a fully qualified domain but just a sub domain from or They offering 2 service that is url redirect and domain with or

Other thing we need it is a free web hosting with domain support. Search to Google and you'll find many of them. For example in this article, i am gonna use as a domain and 000webhost as a free web hosting server.

Setup domain
Goto and create account there, after account success created then login to your account.

Successful information should be like above image. Now click on Set up domain and you will be redirected to your domain information page. On domain list click edit to start setup your domain and there should be 2 service option showed.

Before we continue this option we need to know to which web hosting this domain will be. We need to know ns server for they domain. Because we are using 000webhost then fill Name Server 1 with and Name Server 2 with click on "Setup Domain" to complete setup.

We have to wait about 48 hour or may be less before our domain completely successful configured.

Setup Free Web Hosting
You can find many hosting with many feature supported. Look for PHP/MysQL and domain support feature. is a free web hosting with support PHP/MySQL and domain. For more information read their feature.

Register your self there by clicking on order now, don't worry they will charge you nothing. Now there will be 2 input option that is using our own domain or use they sub domain. Fill domain with domain we have registered before for example then fill the first box with infodotnet and the next box is

If web host account is success created we may now start to configure our hosting account while waiting our domain pointing to our web host server, it's should take 1 or 2 day to complete.

If you have any question feel free to write down comments on my blog, but please don't spam. Thank's and god luck.

Update: If you have problem accessing your cpanel read here.