Free domain setup using and

You may read my previous post about simple domain setup for free web hosting here. This time we will try to setup a domain for more advanced usage like email, ftp and other service instead of web service using free dns at Of course there is no .com .org .net domain in this post, just a free service from or and other similar free domain service.

Not like my previous post, now we're trying to use domain for our experiment today. Prepare your domain name and register to for an account, after you've registered to with domain added login to your account and chose "DNS" as your domain service.

Enter your web title, select category and click continue. Now you should be on Domain Control Panel, look for DNS Settings and select "NS (For external name servers)". Fill form Nameserver #1 with "" and Nameserver #2 with "" and then click "Update DNS Record".

This effect will take up to 24 hour to change, but usually done with 3 or 4 hour. Now you have to create account on to manage your domain. After registered to then you need to add a domain name to manage. Login to and click Domain on the left menu and click add a domain.

Fill domain name with your registered domain and click save. At first your domain will be marked as red BROKEN, but don't worry this will turn to good after your domain successfully queried and cached. Check your BROKEN domain in 3 or 4 hours after domain added by clicking "Check for Broken domains" in the domain list (Check again if still broken in the next hour).

You may now manage your domain by clicking "Manage" on related domain and add some IP address to your domain/subdomain. Every change on domain setup will take effect for a couple of hours.

If you want to add more Nameserver (in case you want to associate your domain to your hosting server) go to domain panel (Click Domain on left menu) and then click "Edit Secondaries" and add your Hosting Nameserver here, don't forget to add your hosting IP address to your domain/subdomain in domain manage page. Again you have to wait for a couple of hour to get fully working domain.

Hope this post useful and good luck.