Simple Text Logo Design With GIMP

Logo is the most important thing element for a website or a blog. It's like an icon of an application or software. If you search around using Google you'll find many software and tool offering easy logo design. But for me, GIMP is the most powerful one application to do logo design.

Look at above image, it's a simple logo designed with GIMP and you can design more pretty than above image if you want to. Now prepare you GIMP or if you doesn't have this GIMP you can download it here and here for Windows OS (I am using GIMP 2.4.2).

Create new Image through File -> New and select your image size. Press "T" to select Text Tool and chose your Font, size and color and write a word of your logo.

On layer window (CTRL + L) right click on your text layer and chose "Alpha to Selection". Next navigate to "Select" (on Tool Bars) and chose "Shrink". Fill Shrink Selection by with 1 px to shrink your selection area by 1 pixel and add a new layer (Shift + CTRL + N) to this selection. Named this layer with logo1 and chose "Transparency" for Layer Fill Type.

Now, let's fill this selection with blended color. Press "L" for blend tool and select FG to BG (RGB) and then select your Foreground color and background color. Hold CTRL and click your left mouse from UP to Down to fill selection area with blended color.

Still on active selection, navigate to Filters -> Decor and select Bevel to add 3d like effect to your logo (Select Bevel thickness to 2 px) and press CTRL + SHIFT + A to remove any selection.

Next is adding shadow this logo. On layer windows select your first text layer and right click on it and select "Alpha to Selection". Navigate to Filters -> Light and Shadow and select "Drop Shadow". Fill Ofset X and Ofset Y with zero, set blur radius to 10 and unchecked "Allow Resizing", set color to black and then click OK.

That's it, next just crop or resize your logo and save it. Hope this simple article can be useful and good luck.