Tips to increase laptop battery performance in windows

Many factor can affect to laptop battery performance. But in most case software and graphics is the most factor to battery performance problem. Bellow are some tips to increase your laptop battery performance.

  • Reduce graphic and animation usage on your laptop desktop. To go to Visual Effect, right click on "My Computer" in desktop, select "Advanced" tab and click "Settings" on performance. Click Visual Effect and select "Adjust for best performance".
  • Avoid to playing games on your laptop especially 3D games because games consume a lot graphics resource, memory and processor of your laptop.
  • Disable or turn off any not in used hardware like Wireless LAN, bluetooth and Infra Red. Can be configure in hardware properties or in hardware power switch. You can enable or turn on this hardware any time if you want to use it.
  • Reduce brightness, contrast and gama of your display. Can be configure in video graphic option.
  • Minimize running background application or service. Select using msconfig or services.msc and for advanced user can configure using regedit.
  • You use tweak utility like TweakUI to increase Laptop Performance.
  • Do battery full charge discharge cycle and maintenance every month.
  • Configure your software or application to use less graphic, e.g use classic skin on winamp or use standard themes for Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • If using Firefox, tweak your Firefox to use less memory and hardisk cache.
There is many more tips to increase battery performance. But goals of all this tips is to reduce memory and processor usage of application and some with minimizing unused hardware on your laptop. I hope this tips could be useful and good luck.