Create Mikrotik Hotspot With Radius Server

May be it's to late to write about how to create a Mikrotik hotspot, but it's better than not at all i think. Like my other post, i always like to use winbox rather than text mode because it's easy and always simple.

Creating Mikrotik Hotspot.
OK, first what you need todo is set your wireless mode to "ap bridge", give a name to the SSID, select your wireless band and frequency.

Now, navigate to IP -> Hotspot, and follow these steps.

  • Click Setup
  • Select your Hotspot Interface and click next,
  • Set your local IP address (better end with 1, for example, click Masquerade Network and click next,
  • Select address pool of network (i think you can just click next this time),

  • Select certificate or leave it with none and click next,
  • Insert your smtp server if you have it or leave it and click next,
  • Fill your primary and secondary dns Server and then click next,
  • Set your hotspot private domain name like "" and then click next,
  • Set admin user and password of your hotspot and click next.

That's it, your hotspot now ready, you can now test your admin login by pointing and associating your laptop wireless to your hotspot. If you want to add a new user, navigate to IP->Hotspot and click Users. Add new user there and you can filter user by their mac address or IP.

Connecting To Radius Server.
Assume you already have a radius server, but if you don't and you have a Fedora linux you can read it here.

Back to your Mikrotik box, in the main menu click "Radius" and add new radius server by clicking red "+" sign. In the new radius server windows, fill address with IP of your radius server , fill secret with your radius secret key and make sure "hotspot" is checked in the service list.

Click apply to save your setting. Now Mikrotik will check both user added from Mikrotik and from radius server if some one trying to login to Mikrotik hotspot. You can read how to simply manage radius user for Mikrotik hotspot here.