Web based application as an alternative

Network administrators will do anything to protect their network especially if they have low resources or bandwidth to serve their client. In many case low bandwidth could make network administrator to act extremely protected to their network like bandwidth limiting and blocking some port that applied by school or some university. But in clients side, this restriction is will likely impede them to huge resources on internet by restrict the only to http and https.

Many solution for this restriction has been made like using tunneling applications, onion router and web interface as an alternative application which mainly work trough http and https port. Although those service may has many limitation on usage and speed but enough to help clients get connected freely to some internet services.

Unlike others application, web interface become the most wanted application as an alternative to other internet application, because we don't need to install those application on our computers. Bellow are some of web based application with public allowed access.

For they who want to get some file from ftp server can use net2ftp, phpwebftp, webftp and many other similiar applications. They can even download those application and then put on their web server to share with other restricted person.

They who want to chat using Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger and Google Talk can use meebo and ebuddy. In some messenger provider like Google and Yahoo has provide their user with built in web application service. For example Google has built in Google Talk in Google mail application and Yahoo has webmessenger.

For now i've found only one host providing free public access to IRC using their web based application. The server was installed with CGI:IRC application and then release to public so people who has restricted to IRC can now connect trough their web site.

A very interested information founded here. It's information about a web base torrent client, but i don't think that application is used trough the informed website, but we can still try it for free.

So battle between Admin and client will never end, while Network administrator working hard to save and established network connection with doing some restrictions, clients always want to get their way unblocked.