Settings Google Apps With

Google Apps is a service from Google for using custom domain names with several Google products. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs, Page Creator, and Sites (wikipedia). Basically with pointing your domain to Google you can use Gmail with and other service from Google.

1. What first?
You need to have a domain name. If you have it you can go to the next session but if you don't then you must create or buy some of domain name. For they who need a free domain for website or blog can use free domain. After you register to free domain, you need to point your Name Server to

2. I have the domain, what's next?
Assume you have pointed your domain to now you have to create one account in Google apps. In the Google apps main page, click on "Compare Edition and Sign Up". If you want to use a free service click on "Sign Up" bellow the "Standart Edition".

In the next page you will be asked with some registration question. Fill domain with your own domain and then complete the other form, and don't forget to complete the admin account creation.

3. Done with Google Apps, what's next?
Google apps need to verified first before can be used. Look In your Google apps account, there will be a link that inform about your domain verification, click on it. In verification method select CNAME. Follow the verification intruction on that page, but you need to open another browser windows and login to your first.

In account add another subdomain and fill it with random name informed in the second point of verification instruction and for example look at above image. After all instructions complete, click "Verification" button on verification page. You have to wait for a couple hours before your domain verification complete.

4. Configuring MX record.
While waiting the 3rd step complete, you can configure your MX record. Click on domain related to your MX record, or add new if you don't have it and select MX for Type.

Setting are complete now, but you need to wait for a couple hours to to complete domain setting. To check your MX setting go to and insert your domain to MX check but after all domain settings are completed between afraid and Google.

If you want to access your Google apps account, point your browser to, or you can create a URL redirection from your account and redirect to and then you just need to point your browser to Good luck.