Tweak for Firefox to get more faster

The most reason people using Firefox is because it's safest than it's rival Internet Explorer. As i see in my blog stats that over 53% of visitor to my blog are using Firefox and then followed by Internet Explorer in about 37%. But some people says that they don't like Firefox because Firefox startup delay time. Firefox need more time and memory just to get started in comparison with Internet Explorer.

So, how can we make Firefox loaded faster?. There's a method to minimizing memory load by compressing all Firefox DLL extensions and all the executable files. You may use another compressor tools, but it's recommended to use a simple tools called UPX. You can read the full information in techsupportalert website.

If you follow the instruction informed on that site you will see the different in startup time. Firefox will load more faster than before. But based on my experience we have to do this thread Firefox again after every time Firefox update, otherwise it will back to default.

You can tweak more Firefox with tuning up some of Firefox config and settings. This tweak can make Firefox use less memory and load page more faster by limiting cache memory size, cache history, disk cache and other tweakable Firefox feature, read more the instruction here. I hope this information useful and can help you, good luck.