Homemade 802.11(b or g) Wireless Antenna

As we know that commercials 802.11b/g (2.4 Ghz) Wireless Antenna offered by many computers store are really expensive today. Some creative people write articles about making homemade 802.11b/g wireless antenna for either a client or an access point. Those articles are intended to reduce our cost by make us more creative and productive with make a homemade antennas our self. Bellow are some of usable links for homemade wireless antenna tutorials.

It's a wireless antenna made by an unused juice, food or other tin can with 3" - 6" in diameter. Made for they who don't want to pay for commercials wireless antenna.

Spider Omni
The omni-directional antenna was built using an N-type chassis mount connector with short lengths of stiff fencing wire soldered into each corner hole. The driven element was a quarter wavelength as was each ground plane. Each ground plane was cut to length and then bent over at 30 degrees below the horizontal to attempt to match the impedance to 50 Ohms.

Omni antenna
Designed for Access Point, this simple omni-directional antenna made only by about 40.5 mm RG-213U coax cable and N-Female connector.

Biquad antenna
Using 123x123mm square section of blank PCB and some cooper wire you can make 11 db biquad antenna.

WiFi lid antenna
Another simple antenna by placing a USB wireless into a lid.

Sectoral Antenna
This links provide many information about how to make Sectoral Antennas with many Type. There are Amos, quados and Obelisk series.

Helical antenna
Another simple antenna designed to make point to point wireless links. It's a directional antenna with winded aluminium foil to a PVC tube.