Mikrotik Hotspot - Redirect user to a specific URL after successful login

Sometime you might thinking about how to force users to read a page about announcement or an alert just after they were success login to Mikrotik hotspot. In another situation maybe you would like to share some information to all Mikrotik hotspot users or maybe for a business purpose like Advertising a page or an URL right after they were login, or maybe for any other purpose you like. You can do a little tweak in Mikrotik hotspot to do this thing.

If a user type a page in their Firefox or Internet Explorer URL bar before login they will be redirected to a login page. If they were logged they will be automatically redirected to a URL they typed before. We can change this "automatic" system to static by change it to a static URL or a web page (Intranet or Internet) that can be accessed by all users after they login.

All we need is edit alogin.html on Mikrotik hotspot files using any text editor (you can read my earlier post about editing hotspot file and remember to backup all files to your local disk before editing the files), and search for "$(link-redirect)" then change it to any URL or web page you want to show to users. Save it and all users will be redirected to URL or web page that you provided before in the alogin.html file.

For more info look at above image. The code "$(link-redirect)" Is located in two places and between quotes (Red marked area). I hope this simple information is useful, happy trying an good luck.