Torrent blocked? use TOR (the Onion Router)

Blocked torrent port problem are often happen in schools and universities. Some for bandwidth management reason and other because educational protection purpose. But they some time don't realize that not all torrents are bad or hijacked content. Like Fedora, they've provide many ways to download their product including torrent. I would like to use torrent rather than direct download because they've (Our network administrator) limit our http bandwidth using delay pool in their squid proxy, so for 2,7 GB files can take 10 days.

Gladly because there are a good anonymity software that can help me to bypassed those restriction rule. Is The Onion Router (TOR) that can can be used as a tunnel between my torrent client application and torrent files server. In the previous post i has posted about using toonel, but i would like to suggest you to use TOR at now, because TOR is harder to block rather than toonel.

If in the previous post i was suggest you to use bitcommet as a client is because bitcommet can connect to torrent server using http proxy, but with TOR we can now use any torrent clients as long as the torrent client is support sock (4/5) proxy. If you have any problem about setting bitcommet with proxy (http and sock) i suggest you to read my previous post. I hope this little information can be useful, good luck.