Using Lanoverip to Play Multiplayer Games With Other Networks

People who's like playing DOTA (WC3) and Counter Strike (CS) was know that this game only great to be played online with other people. You have to be in the same network otherwise using dedicated server like PVPGN for DOTA (WC3) to play the multiplayer online game. The problem is if you have client in Other Network in the same parent want to join the game. They will can not join the game because they have different network or IP address. But there are several solution for this problem.

First, you can set your router as a bridge. But then you need to set all your client IP address to have the same address as the other Network. This would not be easy if you have a large network and have many clients. Second option you can install a dedicated server like a PVPGN server for DOTA or Warcraft 3 game. But there are a problem in WC3 game other people behind NAT Firewall will can't create a game session. You have to set port forward in your router Firewall to the computers that will be set as a game server so they can create the game session.

Other option is using LAN over IP emulator. I think this option is the easy ways to do, all you need is create an emulator server and other client have to run a client software before the can playing online games with other network clients.

LAN over IP is a simple client and server to allow the forwarding of Lan packets over the Internet or in an intranet network. It was made to play multiplayer games with no direct IP connection when players are not in the same local network, but it can be useful for any other application which uses LAN broadcasting. Read more the manual and information on docs sections.

This application require winpcap installed otherwise this application will return error when executed. I hope this information useful and good luck.