Explore Fractal World with Benojt - The Fractal Explorer

From a complex plane like Mandelbrot and Julia sets we can see more beautiful rendered image with Benojt the Fractal explorer. Although there a many free and commercials Fractal Explorer and Fractal Generator software out there, Benojt came with a simple way to explore. It's a Java based application and to run this application we need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed which supports at least Java 1.5.

Benojt is an explorer for different types of fractals. It focuses on easy navigation in a fractal image and flexible creation of new fractals. Due to its modular design single components like iterators, renders and colorings can be replaced making it easy to experiment with individual aspects of the creation of a fractal image.

The way to exploring Fractal is by modifying it's iterators, renders and coloring formula option. To start rendering your own Fractal, try here to run it with java web start or you can download the compressed jar files with batch start script here.