FOG - Web based backup and cloing solution

Fog is a Linux based computer imaging solution for Windows system client with php-based web interface. Fog is acting as a backup server for Windows system. Most of tasks done on FOG don't require the user to visit the client PC. it doesn't use any boot disks or CDs, everything is done via TFTP and PXE.

Also with fog many drivers are built into the kernel, it's mean no need any drivers. Fog can run on almost any Linux distribution as long as the system have apache and PHP 5. Fog also includes a graphical Windows service that is used to change the hostname of the PC, restart the computer if a task is created for it and auto import hosts into the FOG database. The service also installs printers and does simple snap-ins.

Fog have other feature like virus scaning, memory testing, disk wiping, testdisk, and file recovery. The FOG server can be broken down and run across multiple machines like NFS, apache, PXE, and DHCP services can all run on different servers to maximize performance. For more further information visit here.