Goosh - unix like Google search

Are you a unix lover?, If the answer is yes then you will like this unofficial Google shell, they named it goosh. It's a simple unix like interface to Google search, just type any keywords to search for and there will be 4 list of result in a page. To get more result just type "more" and another 4 result will show up.

I like image and video search feature on goosh because it's show the click-able url in the end of every search result list. This is useful for they who like to see the image or watch the video immediately.

Because goosh is simple, not all Google feature are used like choosing another Google domain, keyword correction or changing Google SafeSearch mode.

Of course you can't use unix command in goosh interface because goosh not a unix, it just look like unix. You can find more goosh command by typing "ls" and for all command help and information type "help".