OpenPanel - Open Source Control Panel for ISP

The aim of OpenPanel project is to incorporate full control panel functionality under the GPL license, it's mean OpenPanel is free. OpenPanel is being supported by PanelSix, a software company specializing in ISP automation. PanelSix is committed to continued support and expansion of the OpenPanel project.

OpenPanel is a remote server administration and configuration system for Unix-based systems. OpenPanel offers all basic hosting services for setting up domains, including DNS, email, websites and databases. System's users will able to control system configuration using either AJAX Web interface (an intuitive graphical interface) and a command line configuration shell.

OpenPanel offered services that is used often by Internet Services Providers that is Apache2 with virtual host, OpenSSH for user access, BIND9 for DNS zone, Postfix and Courier-IMAP for email, PureFTPD for ftp access, MySQL as a database server, IPTABLES for firewall configuration, Yum for software update, Amavis and SpamAssassin for mail protection and last AWStats for website statistics. For more information please visit OpenPanel project site, good luck.