Check web connection with httping

Ping is network tool used to test whether a host is reachable across network. Ping works by sending ICMP packets to the target host and listening for replies. Like Ping, there is a tool for http-requests called Httping. Httping work like ping, it send http-requests to web server and wait for replies (only the headers). Ping used to show how long connection between a client and a web server does.

There are many factor affect connection between web browser to a web server like network performance and a proxy server between clients and servers. Then if you concern to your web server performance you should to check it from client side. Httpping work on almost all unix based system like Linux and BSD family.

If you want to install httping first download the compressed file here and then extract it to your linux box. Type "make -f Makefile.nossl install" to install httping on your linux system and after a few second you should see some text appearing on your monitor. After all done you can start by typing "httping -g" to start pinging a web server or type "httping -h" for more help.