Free Windows XP Tailing Application

Almost all Internet or Networking application have a log files that save information or data about what is happening with those application while their were running. Information are save in text format and can be opened by any text editor such as notepad or wordpad in windows. But with those text editor we can't see or monitoring the running information in a real time unless we reopen the log file every second.

To watch the log file in real time we need a tool called tail that's used to display the last few lines of a text or a log file. Tail is a Unix and Unix-like system application.Below are some Windows based OpenSource or Freeware tailing program. Click on related title for more information.

Tail For Win32

It's a Unix like 'tail -f' program that's run on windows. It's has a plugin architecture, which allows notifications to occur when certain keywords are detected in monitored files.


mTail is another Windows based tailing program that emulates the Tail Unix program. This program is free for individual environment only.


WinTail is a free version Taling program that's allows us to view the last 64K of a growing text or log file in real time under Windows. It's a bit like using the "tail -f" command under UNIX but in Windows GUI mode.