GNUnet a secure peer to peer (P2P) network

At the beginning of 2002 we used Kazza Lite for p2p file sharing. Until we heard many people reported about viruses on Kazza lite, we stop using Kazza lite and start to migrate to another free p2p file sharing network. On the middle of 2005 we start to use torrent but at the end of 2006 our Internet Administrator do many rule modification including blocking torrent and other p2p sharing network. In the early 2008 we've found TOR network to unblocked torrent and still using it until today. It's may be to late, but yesterday we saw another interesting p2p network application called GNUnet (we're still learning about how to use GNUnet).

GNUnet is a framework for secure peer-to-peer networking that does not use any centralized or otherwise trusted services. A first service implemented on top of the networking layer allows anonymous censorship-resistant file-sharing. Anonymity is provided by making messages originating from a peer indistinguishable from messages that the peer is routing. All peers act as routers and use link-encrypted connections with stable bandwidth utilization to communicate with each other. GNUnet uses a simple, excess-based economic model to allocate resources. Peers in GNUnet monitor each others behavior with respect to resource usage; peers that contribute to the network are rewarded with better service (GNUnet).

I always like software with GNU stamp because they all always free. For me this program is a good alternative for torrent or other p2p network. The main important this is that GNUnet using link-encrypted for secure connection and using many transport protocol including HTTP, UDP and SMPT. See GNUnet compared to other p2p network here.