Track and monitor traffic with Trisul

Many bandwidth or traffic monitoring application are released. Some of those applications are commercials and some of other are opensource like Bandwidth and Bmon. Today I've found another interesting bandwidth monitoring application called Trisul. Some of you might be heard or even using this free application before.

Trisul meters bandwidth usage, monitors flows, and stores raw packets for future analysis. All traffic data is stored in a SQLITE3 database. It communicates with the outside world via the Trisul Remote Protocol (TRP) and via a Ruby-on-rails application called Web Trisul. What sets Trisul apart from other monitoring tools is its drilldown capabilities (Trisul).

Trisul meters bandwidth usage per IP, Protocol, Subnet and etc. Trisul tracks TCP/IP flows in real time. For future retrieval all historical network activity stats are stored in a SQLite database, this allows data to be retained across system reboots or application crashes. You can watch Trisul in realtime with Trisul Remote Protocol or view it using web interface using Web Trisul. For more information, read on Trisul the Open source network metering and forensics website here.