Clone and Backup computers faster with Clonezilla

Clonezilla is an opensource application similar to Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition® that is a solution for a previous Norton Ghost® backup and restore problem which is take a lot time to massively clone systems for many computers. Clonezilla was designed for saving and restoring one or more partitions, hard-drives and other storage media. It can be used for Windows, Linux and some other operating systems.

Clonezilla saves and restores only used blocks in the harddisk. This increases the clone efficiency. At the NCHC's Classroom C, Clonezilla server edition was used to clone 41 computers simultaneously. It took only about 10 minutes to clone a 5.6 GBytes system image to all 41 computers via multicasting! (Clonezilla).

There are 2 type of Clonezilla which is Clonezilla live and server edition. Clonezilla live is use for single computer backup or restore while Clonzilla Server use for massive deployment (It can clone may computers simultaneously). Clonezilla support many file system like ext3 and NTFS, so you can clone Linux or Windows machine whit it. For more information about Clonezilla visit their official website here.