Personalize friendster or myspace profile with free domain

Do you often change your Friendster of MySpace layout?, did you ever thinking about using a personal domain for your profile like as a Friendster profile?. The idea of this profile personalization is by redirecting a free domain to your Friendster or MySpace url profile (You can use it either to other profile like twitter and yahoo profile). It's not a new thing because url redirection is used often by people who wanna shorten their web page url or want to have a personal name for their public website or blog or wanna have an email with personal domain name using Google Apps.

Take a sit a while and register yourself into to get your desire personal domain name with Please note that is a free service and sometime if you can't use your domain name that you want then you have to use another name for it. Set your domain as a URL Forwarder in control panel and then fill informations about your Friendster or MySpace profile (Click on bellow image for example).

Click "setup" to finish your setting and after that your new url profile should be ready. All just in that simple way and you now have a personal domain for your profile.