Little Wizard - Train your children about computer language

Little Wizard is an application for development simulation. It's intend to train children about development environment by exploring programing concept such as variables, loop and logical block. Every concept are represented by an intuitive icon, so it's more easy to learn. They don't need to write any text script to start develop something, all done by drag and drop represented icons to main area.

Little Wizard is a development environment for children. It is intended to be used by primary school children to learn about the main elements of real computer languages. Using only the mouse, children can explore programming concepts such as variables, expressions, loops, conditions, and logical blocks. Every element of the language is represented by an intuitive icon, making it easy to learn (Little Wizard).

Little Wizard run on almost all Linux based system and Windows 2000/XP. You need to have GTK+ Development and Environtment (vers 2.0+) installed on your system otherwise it will return error while installing this application to your system. You can find tutorial about Little Wizard on it's website and to read more about Little Wizard click here.