Canceling printing job problem on windows XP

Some of you should have experienced a problem with canceling the print job. Some of this problem caused by printer error, power problem, out of paper and printer won't resume the job and many more else. The printer stop working or stop responding while there are still many more jobs on queue. Sometimes it can be done by canceling or restarting the print job, but in some other times it can't.

There are certain ways to solve this problem. First if you are not in hurry you can wait until the job deleted it self. Of course the waiting time would be so long. Second option you can stop all your task and opened program and then restart the computer, and after that the printer job should be deleted or if it still there you can easily delete the job.

Third option and the easy way is by restarting the Print Spooler service. You can find the services manager on Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services or just type services.msc on RUN command, search the Print Spooler from the list, right click on it and click restart or you can just click on restart button on the top panel. Now you can easily cancel the printing job.