Simple way to Fix Disabled Task Manager

Microsoft software and OS potentially become the main target of Virus attack. It's happen because many user at offices, schools or home use Microsoft Windows as the Operating System for their computers. According to securityfocus, the only reason Microsoft software is the target of so many viruses is because it is so widely used.

At presents viruses grown with more destructive, defensive and high disguise technique. Some viruses blocking our access to windows tools such as regedit and task manager to protect their self from being removed manually from computers.

In the earlier post i had talked about quickfix that have many useful feature to restore disabled or blocked access to windows tool. Now there is a tiny tool that can help us to fix disabled task manager quickly called Task manager fix. This tool designed to help us restore Task Manager which is disabled by Spywaree, trojane and other viruses. You can read and download the application here.