Bypass blocked website with UltraSurf

Some people are accessing internet behind the censorship system or firewall that restricted their access to certain websites or search engines. It's happen sometimes if they are on schools, universities or offices which have very limited bandwidth. There are many ways to bypass those restriction and if you search through my older posts you'll find many information regarding to this solution such as toonel and TOR. Actually this tool is not a new stuff but i just find out about it today and want to share this information to you.

Ultrasurf is a free application and service that work just like a toonel whic is tunneling our access to internet through their server. Ultrasurf use https port to connect the client to the server and can bypass transparent proxies such as Squid and OpenDns. By default UltraSurf will use IE to connect to internet, but there is a plugin for Firefox or you can simply use localhost and port 9666 as a proxy to get Firefox (or other web browser) work with UltraSurf.

The latest version of this application is only about 424 KB and you can run this application from any removable media without installation. For more information you can visit the official UltraSurf website here.