Protector from kongregate - Fun online flash game

Protector from kongregate is another fun flash online defense strategy game. This game have a similar system to Tower defense (TD) map of Warcraft III. You place units to kill invading enemies that came with various ability and special immunity and various waves depend on maps difficulty.

You have to be careful on planing to place your units, because some of enemy units can absorb damage from one of your units ability and turn it into life. Flying enemy units can not be hit by male units, so you have to choose wisely between male and range units.

You get skill points if you win every battles and can be use to upgrade your skills to increase many thing like base damage or decrease buying cost. While playing the game, you can interact with other players in the chat room on the right side of the game. Of course you have to be registered first before you can say anything. You can also chose or play other games provided by kongregate, just find the Games tab and select Strategy, RPG, multiplayer or other game type and you can start playing, Have fun.