Worm Downadup/Kido and hidden files problem

In the earlier January 2009 my computer was attacked by Downadup or Kido. Downadup/Kido is a worm that relies on the Microsoft Windows Server Service RPC Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (MS08-67) in order to spread on other computers in the local network (bitdefender).

A computer can be attacked if has not apply the latest security update from Microsoft, Administrator account has a weak password and the computer has a Autoplay feature enabled while an infected removable drive attached.

This worm blocked my access to Microsoft and some Anti Virus web site such as bitdefender and it disabled Auto Update. In the folder option, "Show hidden files and folders" can not work as usually. I cant view all hidden files and i think it caused by the worm. Some time an error information popped up and inform about svchost and Application Error.

If you have the same problem like this, you can download the removal tool from bitdefender or Symantec. After cleaning up the computer from Downadup/Kido you need to download and apply the MS08-67 vulnerability fix.

If you still have problem with "Show hidden files and folders" after the removal, you can manually set it with regedit. Open regedit and navigate to "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ explorer\Advanced\Folder\ Hidden\SHOWALL\" and change the "CheckedValue" value to "1". Now re-check "Show hidden files and folder" option on the folder option to make sure the option is working. To know more about this worm, you can read the information here.