Backup and Restore Users Account Created by Mikrotik Hotspot to Another Mikrotik Box

The main problem for replacing old Mikrotik Hotspot with a new one is to migrate or move all built in users account (Users created by Mikrotik Hotspot) from the old box to a new one. Actually, you can do it manually by write all the users data account (Username, password, MAC address and etc) in the new Mikrotik Hotspot box one per line until all users restored, but that will cost much more time especially if you've got lot of users account.

The easies ways to backup and restore users account is using export and import command in Mikrotik Terminal. Mikrotik Export allow you to backup current Mikrotik configuration in to a file (depend on which current folder location you are). Mikrotik Import allow you to execute command from a specific file (only in Mikrotik root folder).

1. Backup Users Account in Old Mikrotik Box.
To start backup Mikrotik Hotspot, open Mikrotik terminal in your old box with admin privilege and then go to Mikrotik Hotspot Users Folder with "ip hotspot user" command. Start export users configuration with "export file=users" command.

Now all Mikrotik users account and profile are exported to "users.rsc" file located in the "file" folder. You can change the exported users file with any name you like in the "file=anynameyoulike" section from above command.

Grab "users.rsc" (or whatever you named for the exported file) from old Mikrotik Box to your computer using file transfer program e.g ftp and winscp (make sure ftp or ssh enabled on your Mikrotik).

2. Restore Users Account to New Mikrotik Box.
Copy "users.rsc" from your computer to new Mikrotik Box using file transfer program (ftp, winscp and etc). Now, login to new Mikrotik Terminal using telnet, putty or winbox New Terminal with admin privilege.

Before continue to restore the users account, be sure you've already set your hotspot in the new Mikrotik. To start importing users account, type "import users.rsc" command on your current location (Mikrotik root). This command will execute any configuration command on users.rsc file, don't worry about file location because it will automatically look in "file" folder for the filename you've type after the "import" command.

Now all users and profile on you old Mikrotik Hotspot should be restored completely to the new Mikrotik Hotspot.