How to install WhatsApp on windows pc (links)

There actually many option for messenger over smartphone /mobile phone such as Facebook Messenger, Yahoo messenger, BBM for BlackBerry and etc. WhatsApp somehow become popular nowadays, it's because whatsapp is a simple cross-platform mobile messaging application which act just like SMS but without cost. Yea, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone and android messaging combined into one messenger services.

But then for some reasons Windows PC wanna join their party, can it be? sure it can, there are many peoples wrote about it already. Here's some of the links.

Easy steps about installing WhatsApp on windows 7, including screen shoots on every steps.

Short video about how easy installing WhatsApp on windows PC.

An old way to have WhatsApp on windows PC with Android emulator.

There's still many of them, Google it and you'll get tons of them, Have fun.