Setting up custom domain email on (, google apps alternative

As we all know per Dec 26, 2012, Google announced the ending for free version of Google Apps, which is also the end of free email account with custom domain. From now on there will only a premium version of Google apps, which cost $50 per user for every year. Although by creating a new Apps account through the App Engine Admin Console you can still get 1 free user per account, but you may consider to try an alternative free email with custom domain on or


  1. A domain name
  2. A account

Assume you already have both of those the above requirement:
On web browser, go to and login with your account.
Click "Get Started" link above the "Sign In" button.

Add a domain name and accept agreement.

Next, we need to set a mail set up for the MX record to point to MX server shown on mail setup page.

To do this, login to your mail registrant, and go to DNS management panel and add MX record and point to MX server. Or if you already point NS record to a hosting server, you can set MX record on "MX entry" menu on Cpanel.

Delete the old MX entry (usually MX that point to your domain), and add new one by pointing to  MX server provided on mail setup page (on page).

Now back to mail setup page, click refresh. It will take sometime to validate the MX setup, and if it failed just try again a few moment later until domain successfully connected.

After domain successfully configured, you can then add a user. Later you can login to with and password you have set upon new user registration.

There will be another short registration process on first login for current user. It required to add additional account information of current user for account. Now you're ready to send and receive email with custom domain name.